Frederick Leatherman, the Hypocrite

Don’t know who Frederick Leatherman is?   Find out here.  Some people don’t know Fred Leatherman the way that I do ( namely his readers.)  But today they got to see a part of him that has been clear to me for some time.  It’s a perfect illustration of why Mr. Leatherman has always rankled me.

Today, one of Leatherman’s loyal followers told Mr. Leatherman a fact that he did not want to hear.  Predictably, Mr. Leatherman erupted with pompousness, hypocrisy, and anger.

In short, “Professor” Leatherman’s favorite pet made some disparaging statements about Mr. Leatherman (on Twitter) and his wife (in the comments section of another blog.)

To get you up to speed, I have organized some of these comments in a gallery here.  She said other things, but you get the gist of it.  She was caught dead to rights.  Enter Rnsone who confronts Ajamazin in an epic episode of drama that begins here. 

Ajamazin, being called on for being evasive, indignantly slaps down her “I was hacked!” card:

They’re still not buying her BS.   (Not everyone there is a complete moron.)  But,  as he has always done, Leatherman immediately jumps to conclusions and jumps to the defense of Ajamazin, his favorite pet.   He says something utterly ridiculous, and then dismisses everyone’s concerns with a pompous wave of the hand:

Pyorck gently refers to Leatherman’s flaming hypocrisy as “disappointing”.  Rnsone calmly explains to Mr. Leatherman just how patently ridiculous his comments are- and how hypocritical he is.   TruthBTold ToldtheTruth.  And when a regular on Leatherman’s site accuses someone else of drinking the kool-aid, you know theprofessor” is in trouble.  

His people weren’t ‘having it’ this time.  So what does Leatherman say next?  Classic Leatherman.  He’s jumped to his conclusions, and no one is going to tell him any different.   He even offers the crowd some of his famous specious “reasoning” to “back up” his beliefs.  Unbelievable.  This is Frederick Leatherman though:

Note how the sycophant Cielo chirps in.  He is a nasty little toad.   Meanwhile… a less pathetic person tries to reason with Mr. Leatherman:

Mr. Leatherman = Owned.    Teacher’s pet Patricia then chimes in with this little gem:

A “unique” forum, indeed.  First of all… “Frederick Zimmerman”.. funny.  Second, and more importantly, what an absolute ass-kisser.  Third, this is what she thinks of the people that were rightly offended by Frederick Leatherman’s bulls**t and hypocrisy: “If we lost a bozo or two, hallelujah!”.  

Such dedication to the professor.  Maybe she’ll be his new pet (but I’m getting ahead of myself.)  Meanwhile, TruthBTold stands up for Rnsone, hopes for some “integrity”, and hopes the “hypocrisy” will go away (don’t hold your breath).  He nailed it of course.  And then Rnsone finishes the combo:

Mr. Leatherman = Owned.

Note: It is important to understand that the person that the “professor” has steadfastly defended says the most uncivil things on the forum, and makes the most shit up.  To the point that even other posters have called her out on it.  (And this RARELY happens on Mr. Leatherman’s blog, believe me:

That’s just some of her recent bullshit, not her worst.  (Note how she completely switched what she had originally said.)  So she’s not just morally dishonest, but simultaneously intellectually dishonest.  She also made some incredibly cold comments about Frank Taaffe on the DAY he lost his son.  Go look them up.

In short, Ajamazin consistently did the exact opposite of the “Professor”s arbitrarily (and hypocritically) enforced “rules”, that he self-righteously set forth here.

Ajamazin spewed out lies, conspiracies, insults, etc.    To put it nicely, Ajamazin consistently spewed trash and Fred Leatherman dumpster-dived right after it.  He couldn’t get enough of it!  He loved it.  He loved her, and she could do no wrong.

So, while Cielo and Ajamazin continued to rip into Rnsone?  Leatherman does nothing:

Cielo the Meek continues to proudly demonize an innocent person, while defending a guilty one, while the guilty one continues to spew her BS.  TruthBTold rightly says.. this is ridiculous and begins to realize just how many sh*tbags are on the forum, blindly following “Professor Nutty”.

But Mr. Leatherman could not imagine the possibility that he was wrong. He would rather see an innocent person harangued (or hanged) before he admits he’s wrong.  Even as Rnsone offered evidence to back up his claims, Leatherman allowed the attacks to continue on his loyal follower.

(The last three words he should have said to Frederick Leatherman, too)  Notice that this began on August 30, continued into Aug 31 at 1:03 am, then 8:35 am.   Notice all the references to the evidence he has.  (Also note how Sandra E. Graham (another Ajamazin sychophant/sockpuppet) naturally comes to Ajamazin’s defense (as she has always done.)  Leatherman had reason to think this person might be telling the truth.  But his judgement is infallible, so he refused to consider it.

Until, after some of Leatherman’s followers compelled him to,  he finally had to.  Mr. Fred Leatherman “reviews” the tweets:

Blah blah blah…  Note, it’s all about HIM.  That’s his primary ONLY concern.   He doesn’t begin with an apology to Rnsone.  He doesn’t end with an apology to Rnsone.  He doesn’t even concede that Rnsone isn’t a troll.  Unbelievable.  Rnsone is trying to defend Leatherman, Leatherman takes a big dump on him, and then doesn’t even acknowledge it.

He is furious that someone would research his ancestry, find connections with his father to others, but he just has no clue who could have done such a thing.  Then, ROFL at Ajamazin’s response.   Ajamazing responds by basically telling “Professor” Leatherman, “It was me f*ck face!”  Golden.

Actually this reminds me of a funny joke (that I just came up with.)  You ready?  What’s the difference between “Leatherman” the person and “Leatherman” the company?  One is Leatherman Tools, the other one is Leatherman Fool.  😉

Oh, you’re just saying that!  But thank you.  Anyway, where were we?  Oh yes, that’s right.   You being an asshole.

It isn’t until September 1st at 2:18 pm that Rnsone gets to read Mr. Leatherman finally “apologize” to him (because he had to.)   It was since taken down but, from my cache, Mr. Leatherman included this with his Patricia post:

Now.. my final point.  Off Topic Update Regarding Rnsome’s allegation that Ajamazin has posted some comments on Twitter that disparage me: After I initially posted a comment dismissing Rnsome’s allegation as false and yet another effort to discredit me and the important work we do here by falsely identifying Ajamazin as an “inside source” (and therefore a credible source) of more of the same false and misleading character assassination, I took a look at the print screen images that Rnsome linked to and thought I had gone down the rabbit hole. I posted a comment on the previous thread discussing those allegations. I do not know if Ajamazin posted those tweets and I am not accusing her of doing so. All that I can say is that she appears to have done so and I lack the requisite knowledge to determine if the print screen image is authentic. I missed some of those tweets and will briefly address them here. First, to the best of my knowledge and belief, I am not related to or descended from some family named Reichenstein. I’ve never heard that name. I do not have “a history of representing white supremacists.” I do, however, have a history of representing the poor, minorities, and the marginalized, as well trying to save people from the death penalty. The majority of my clients were indigent and courts appointed me to represent them at public expense because I volunteered to take those cases, despite their low rates of compensation that barely covered my overhead, because of my life-long commitment to apply my knowledge, experience, and specialized skills in death penalty defense and forensics. Other people talked about the importance of public service. I walked the talk. My “history of representing white supremacists” consists of representing one client in one case during a 30-year career. I am extremely offended by this false accusation and I am also upset to discover that the person or persons responsible for this filth are digging into my dead father’s past attempting to link him, and by extension link me, to some vast right wing conspiracy. My father served this country honorably and well in the military during WWII and then the Foreign Service. Whomever is responsible for this hate-driven campaign to destroy me is a dishonest and disgusting piece of shit. I apologize to Rnsome for accusing him of being a troll and I thank him for bringing this matter to my attention. Apparently, some Martin supporters have fallen for this bullshit story and this bothers me more than anything else. I apologize to Patricia for addressing this matter in her spot, but felt that I had to update everyone here. Carry on.

Blah, blah, whine.  Blah, blah, whine.  Blah, blah, whine.   “Carry on.”  (What a pretentious ass).  Note.. it is still.. entirely about HIM.   Note.. his apology amounts to a single line in the midst of a lot of whining and crying.  Even then, he still had nothing negative to say about Ajamazin.  Nope.  He had no problem “presuming innocence” for her, even when it was obvious that she was guilty.    And that is Fred Leatherman in a nutshell: a narcissistic, grandiloquent phony.

Actually, Frederick Leatherman, it appears that people were “all getting tired of the Leatherman whining parade and felt like calling bullshit. “:

Leatherman = Owned.  Yet again.   His readers have called him out as the temperamental, overblown, wrongheaded dissembler that he is.

Mr. Leatherman is forced to concede (the only time he ever concedes anything) that he was wrong about her.  (he’s been proven to be wrong a lot lately).  After seeing the overwhelming evidence against her and after considering all of the reasons it was obvious she was lying, he had no choice but to ban her.

“Carry on.”  What a jackass.  And how thoughtful of him.  The “Professor” did it “for the good of our community“.   Bullsh*t.

It had to do with Leatherman’s EGO.  What Amajazin did was  against him and his wife personally.   He felt personally betrayed.  :~(

If she had done this to anyone else on the blog, Ajamazin would still be there saying and doing whatever she wanted, with him egging her on.  He would rather have ten “bozos” leave, than to lose his most ego-building pet.  


One more thing.  Remember, “Professor” Leatherman wrote:

“… I am extremely offended by this false accusation and I am also upset to discover that the person or persons responsible for this filth are digging into my dead father’s past attempting to link him, and by extension link me, to some vast right wing conspiracy. My father served this country honorably and well in the military during WWII and then the Foreign Service. Whomever is responsible for this hate-driven campaign to destroy me is a dishonest and disgusting piece of shit.”

“Nice work”,  indeed Frederick Leatherman.  Until you are the target, right?  Then it becomes “filth”, and the work of “a dishonest and disgusting piece of shit”, doesn’t it “Professor”?

In Conclusion

When his favorite attack dog bit his hand,  Frederick Leatherman pooped himself in astonishment and self-righteous anger.   But he reaped the storm his arrogance and anger had sown.  He richly deserved to have her do to him what he cheered her on to do to others:

Frederick Leatherman, the Hypocrite.

For further information on Mr. Frederick Leatherman, read my other articles such as “Frederick Leatherman, the Hatemonger and Crackpot, “Mr. Leatherman Leaves Washington, or the following articles by these other bloggers:

14 thoughts on “Frederick Leatherman, the Hypocrite

  1. Just read your blog,I’m too busy right now to write a reply,but will shortly! Thanks and for the record this is the less pathetic(classic line! LMFAO)rnsone AKA RNSONE but not Rnsome(LOL!) TTYL!

  2. Watching the fallout from this has been delicious. Fred groupies are turning on each other much like the Global Grind Trayvon support page did on Facebook. I am still researching Aja..because I really really want to know why they turned on Fred.

  3. Considering her political activity, I am very surprised White Supremacists bug her. You’re probably right. Aja is mental. Great job on this one.

  4. I made several comments on blogs by Fredrick Leatherman. I was disturbed by the mocking of Zimmerman by most of his followers. I politely disagreed with some conclusions ie GZ was stalking TM. and TM was not squeaky clean as shown on his facebook face. My comments were never posted. Leatherman is like a little god with his mindless followers kissing his ass. He has no regard for any other point of view and is promoting hate not seeking truth. The sad thing, he is very intelligent, knows the legal aspects of the justice system and has so much wasted potential.

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