George Zimmerman was the opposite of a racist.

  1. George Zimmerman mentored black kids.
  2. George Zimmerman had many black friends on his Myspace account.
  3. George Zimmerman went into business with a black friend.
  4. George Zimmerman actively protested on behalf of a homeless black man.
  5. The FBI investigated George Zimmerman and found not a trace of prejudice towards blacks.  Nobody who actually knows Zimmerman labelled him a racist.
  6. George Zimmerman did volunteer work for a predominantly black congregation.
  7. George Zimmerman was a registered democrat that voted and encouraged others to vote for Obama (he’s black).  
  8. George Zimmerman went to prom with a black girl.
  9. George Zimmerman lived in a neighborhood where whites were a minority (i.e., lots of blacks).
  10. George Zimmerman’s wife’s best friend is black.
  11. Zimmerman invited a black neighbor to stay at his house as long as she needed after being rattled by a break in to her house.

Cites for items 1-7 are included.  Click on the underlined parts.  (8-11 recently added and don’t feel like tracking down citations (in part because 1-7 clearly establish he’s NOT a racist), but may do so in the future.

Repeat after me:

George Zimmerman is the opposite of a racist.   George Zimmerman likes, cares for, and affiliates with black people.  This isn’t speculation, this is proven, verifiable FACT.  Anyone who claims that George Zimmerman is a racist at this point is either genuinely ignorant or is outright lying.

George Zimmerman the racist is a ridiculous notion that has been utterly obliterated in the minds of any informed person with a trace of sense.

It’s almost comical how segments of the community can’t let go of the “racist” angle of what happened to this teenager.  I’m all for combating problems in the black community.  People that mentor black children and advocate on behalf of black homeless men?  Not the problem.

One excellent article I’ve read:


29 thoughts on “George Zimmerman was the opposite of a racist.

  1. LOL. This website exists as a propaganda machine for the racist, anti-black ZimmerThug kklan. My blood is beginning to boil… I HATE you people and you deserve the same fate as you gave my brother Trayvon. don’t worry though, Justice is coming to the ENTIRE Zimmerman KKKlan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Reasonable weight of evidence that Zimmerman was in the wrong? He was being beaten up and he defended himself. That’s what all the evidence points to. Everything else is you projecting your frustrations and anger onto Zimmerman for stuff he had nothing to do with. Broken nose, bloody head, witness with Trayvon on top beating up Zimmerman. You really think one has to be a racist to think Zimmerman defended himself? Please.

        • It sounds like you’d prefer not to have to live near white folk. Am I correct in my assumption that you have every intention of moving to Africa? It will be paradise for you. —- Let me guess. You don’t want to live in Africa. I think you like us white folk after all.

      • As much as your inbred mind can’t conceive of reality, I will nonetheless remain in a land my ancestors built with their blood, sweat, and tears. So you, white trash, return to your incestuous lifestyles of Europe. Take your diseases, your plagues, your privilege, your hatred, and your disgusting way of being with you. YOU are the TRASH, the vermin of the world and must die off. #Cheers 🙂

        • I’m shocked you don’t want to move to Africa. There are so few whites there. You’d think it would be a paradise for folks like you. Yet, time and time again, I’ve found that they would prefer to stay here. Isn’t that amazing?

          Land doesn’t get built, by the way. Buildings do. Most of that work was not done by your ancestors. Of course, even if it were, why should that entitle you to any of it?

          Also, it doesn’t sound like you’re going to give the land back to the Native Americans. Africa doesn’t strike me as “peace-loving” people.

    • See how it’s all about race for you? You care about Trayvon because he is BLACK. He is your brother because he is BLACK. You are transparent and one-dimensional. Zimmerman isn’t my ethnicity and yet I defend him, because I do so based on the merits of the situation. For you, it’s all about race. That much is obvious. You are the stereotypical angry, irrational black man. Luckily, as I say, not all of them are like you.

      • Laughable coming form white trash. I care not for your quaint little revisions of history that allow you to escape reality. Zimmerman will die for his crime; get that into your inbred head. As for my manifesting as a ‘stereotypical angry black man’, by making such a predictable incendiary comment, you only serve to furhter prove my point; when black people advocate for no more of your white debaucheries (systemically) inflicted upon us, when we stand of for ourselves, when we tell you white pieces of trash to go and [quite literally] fuck yourself, we are angry. Of course we are angry idiot. We’ve dealt with your rapid racism, privileged and eurocentrism for 400 years! You people are disgusting fucking inbred trash and I admit to detesting your putrid existence. I only hope for a fucking evolutionary response to your kind: A virus that your weak, feeble, genetic material would be uniquely susceptible such that it would wipe your kind from the face of the planet – as the plaque you people are. Only then with the vast majority of humanity, who is NOT white, be allowed to live without your eurocentrism, Zionism, and fucking insane imperialism. Go fuck yourself Nazi.

    • So do you roll on Robitussin and have a history of beating people up, as well as sexual aggression towards women? You and your “brother” gotta get checked.

  2. From the comments I’ve read here it appears to me that there is more racism in the black community than the white. Trayvon called George Zimmerman a “Creepy a$$ed cracker”, a racist statement itself, yet no one batted an eye or spoke out about HIS racist comment.
    This whole situation has a tragic ending that cannot be changed but our youth of today, the arrogant, disrespectful group that mostly receive no moral direction and suffer from broken families need to heed the warning and learn tolerance and respect for everyone and it will be avoidable in the future.

    • You Dumb Fuck, Trayvon Is Dead, ZIMMERMAN killed Him, And You Worrying About The Word Cracker, I Bet Your A Republican, Well ?

      • I’m a liberal, and Zimmerman killed Martin in obvious self-defense. Cracker isn’t very nice, but his relentless attack on a man screaming for help was far worse. There is a real problem in certain urban communities and I hope it gets addressed. It’s always sad when a life is lost.

  3. Just want to add in defense of ‘Africa’. I’m from the UK but have lived in two countries within Africa’s continent and travelled on holiday to one and I have to say it’s bliss. I’ve met a number of Europeans and they enjoy it also. I hope that doesn’t make me a ‘racist’ just because I’m living here!

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