It was NOT Trayvon Martin Screaming

At the time of the screams:

  • Zimmerman had significant injuries.  He’s the one with the probable broken nose, the lacerations, and the bloody head).
  • Martin is the one with no injuries except a cut on a finger.

Obviously, it was George Zimmerman screaming for help.    The idea that it was Trayvon, wailing for help!, while wailing on George Zimmerman is absurd.  “HEEELP!”  *PUNCH*  “HEEELP!”  *PUNCH*

“Zimmerman came at Trayvon gun-drawn, holding Trayvon at gun-point!  Trayvon was scared for his life!  He was only defending himself!”

That is the only semi-plausible theory available to Zimmerman’s persecutors(a).  However, it makes no sense.  

  • Dee-Dee’s description of the initial verbal exchange between Trayvon and Zimmerman, Trayvon says nothing about Zimmerman’s gun being drawn.  Trayvon would not have said “Why are you following me for?”, he would have said “OMG! Why do you have a gun out!?”
  • When W6 goes outside and tries to stop the altercation verbally, Trayvon does not say “Help me restrain him, he’s got a gun!”  In fact, Trayvon ignores W6.
  • Significant time elapsed from the beginning of the encounter to when the gun was fired.   Why did Zimmerman wait so long to squeeze the trigger?   By the way, struggles for guns don’t take that long.
  • If Zimmerman had a gun pointed at Trayvon Martin, a struggle for a gun is exactly what would have happened.  There was no struggle for a gun.  If someone has a gun in their hand the only way you defend yourself is try to get control of the gun.  There is absolutely no evidence consistent with a struggle for a gun:
    • Zimmerman didn’t have any wounds on his hands, arms, or wrists.   Martin’s DNA or fingerprints were not found on Zimmerman’s gun.
    • Eye-witnesses do not report a revealed gun, nor do they describe a struggle at all consistent with one.
    • If Zimmerman had a gun in his hand, why were all of Zimmerman’s injuries on his head?

Answer:  Trayvon Martin was obviously not defending himself from a drawn gun.  Trayvon Martin wasn’t defending himself at all.  He was beating up George Zimmerman as George Zimmerman screamed for help that never came.  Finally, George Zimmerman drew his gun and fired a single time.

George Zimmerman was obviously attackedobviously injured, and he was obviously the person screaming for help.  The very notion that it was Trayvon screaming is maddeningly ridiculous.


a.  The screams still sound more like someone being actively beaten up than someone being menaced with a gun.  


16 thoughts on “It was NOT Trayvon Martin Screaming

  1. Excellent synopsis.

    This is just common sense, isn’t is ?

    It doesn’t make sense that someone with his gun drawn would take any kind of punch to the face or thrashing of his head AND then use it later.

    Being unable to move or extridite himself from the situation and reasonably fearing great bodily harm or death is the only reason GZ went for his gun.

  2. It was not GZ screaming for help either.

    A person screaming for help that much isn’t going to pass a stress test so easily or have normal vitals when checked by EMTs. GZ gets back up like its nothing and says call my wife. That’s all he has to say after screaming for help???

    Its ironic that you left out the part about TM muffling GZ, which would mean those cries for help would go more like:

    HEL******* HE*********

    Instead we have clear cries for help. None are interrupted, none are muffled.

    As far as the gun being drawn, he could have done so after TM’s phone somehow hit the ground and was cut off so its not expected DD would hear the first cry (which was not for help) and GZ never talks about.

    Wanna talk about that scream? Did GZ scream when TM hit him in the nose or did TM scream when he saw a gun?

    Don’t want to touch that do you?

  3. “Martin is the one with no injuries except a cut on a finger.”

    Nice way to ignore the fact Martin is DEAD. LOL, the “only” injury… besides the gunshot that killed him.

    You people are so stupid.

    • I certainly agree that Martin sustained a gunshot which killed him. I apologize for not having made that more clear.

      I thought this was well-established, and was more focused on the question of whether it was in self-defense, which it appears to have been.

    • @Stu: They are racist Nazis, complicit in the murder of a child; I detest the fact they are allowed to breathe. I take solace in the fact that ZimmerTrash® will eventually be killed. I’m not advocating this, however, its an inescapable conclusion to the inconceivable debauchery of executing a child. He deserve the most painful death imaginable.

  4. Don’t worry Zimmerman is going to wish he never executed our brother. Zimmerman’s death with likely be excruciatingly painful, beyond all human recognition. He deserves no less. Fuck all you white racist pieces of shit on this blog. When Zimmerman’s severed head shows up, you can cry like the inbred, intellectually (and genetically inferior) rabid dogs you are 🙂 Cheers Klansmen:)

      • LOL. Savage? There is no group on the planet more SAVAGE than WHITE People. In the context of the Americas, since Her [illegitimate] inception, you people have decimated nearly every major group to have the misfortune of encountering their “SAVAGERY”. The facts, inbred, idiot; Have a look:

        Native Americans = Decimated by White Trash (Genocide Levels)
        Native Mexicans = Land stolen, women raped, men killed, families destroyed
        Blacks = Slavery and its CONTINUED affect. Decimation on a level of the Nazis
        Japanese = Interment Camps of WW2. Psychological decimation
        Iraq = Genocide & Decimation of women,children, and culture

        White people are the scourge of the universe. Don’t even begin to lecture me about WHITE CIVILITY. You people are the all time winner of the crown of “Savages”.

        If the Nation of Islam (and other religionists, of which I am not a member) are correct, Whites, and their self-hating allies, will be the cornerstone holding up Hell. Disgusting vermin.

        • You sure seem prone to lumping all “white people” together. Isn’t that what racists do? Expect to hold people accountable for what other members of their races do or have done?

          By the way, are you trying to suggest that Africa is filled with wonderful, peace-loving peoples? They rape and butcher each OTHER on a regular basis.. TODAY. But I’m sure if some Japanese, Iraqis, Native Mexicans, and Native Americans went to Africa they would be treated with great respect, right? Please.

          I didn’t say that blacks are savage, crass, and ignorant, by the way. I said that you were.

  5. no matter what anyone says and this is not difficult to determine who was screaming, when that gunshot went off, it cut off the screams for help. The gunshot stop the screams immediately. I DON’T KNOW WHY EXPERTS IS NOT LISTENING TO THAT PART OF THE TAPE LISTEN TO HOW THE SCREAMS IS CUT OFF AFTER THE GUNSHOT, MARTIN WAS SCREAMING HELP. JUST LISTEN TO GUNSHOT AND HOW SCREAMS JUST STOP.

    • I would stop screaming for help after shooting my attacker, too.

      All that the screams just stopping proves is that, no matter who was assaulting whom, one of them died and the assault is no longer taking place. No one is being attacked or attacking, because one of them is dead. There is no longer a reason to scream for help.

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