George Zimmerman wasn’t racial profiling.. This wasn’t about blacks or hoodies.

George Zimmerman mentioned a number of reasons he was suspicious- and every single one of them was based on behaviors (“it’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about”, “he’s on drugs or something”) or circumstances that were not racial (TM cut between two buildings, TM was walking in an area that had been burglarized, and GZ didn’t recognize TM).

In fact, if you listen to him answer the dispatcher’s question as to race, he isn’t completely sure whether Trayvon was even black or not.  Later in the call, when he sees Trayvon closer, he then confirms to the dispatcher that he was black.  

That this stuff has been completely ignored by the media (as well as GZ’s defense counsel) is unfortunate.  You don’t say “he’s on drugs or something” unless you think someone is acting oddly.  He obviously.. I repeat OBVIOUSLY.. thought Trayvon was acting oddly.

These are some of the reasons he obviously wasn’t racially profiling. I’ve already listed some of reasons it’s obvious he wasn’t racist.  

The reality is that the evidence demonstrates that there was NOT racial profiling going on. Everybody just ASSUMES that Zimmerman ASSUMED that Trayvon was up to no good because he was black or was wearing his hoodie.  Even some of his supporters make this assumption!  It is an assumption that is in contradiction to the easily verified evidence.  


9 thoughts on “George Zimmerman wasn’t racial profiling.. This wasn’t about blacks or hoodies.

  1. This is not something to be happy about, but looking back I,m glad things turned out the only way they could. I was never a Zimmerman supporter, so to speak, but hated to see him lynched in the press. It should be decided in the courts and it was. I am gloating somewhat that the asshole Leatherman turned out wrong on every one of his “facts” and legal theories I told Fredrick that the defense would call Tracy Martin who said it was not his son screaming. He told me to get my facts straight and banned me from commenting on his blog. I regret that the trial ruined Zimmerman’s marriage, and I believe it has made him paranoid. I hope he can get it together. I am very liberal but am appalled that liberals repeat lies like – 911 told GZ not to get out of the truck. It is ok to have your opinions. It is not ok to make up your own facts. My “liberal people” are inflaming racial tensions, which here in Florida are fragile at best. In summary: no body won, we all lost.

    • I tend to be more liberal too, but this is one of those times that I’m embarrassed by the way those that self-identify as liberals have acted. It’s been a pretty big learning experience for me, and I”m sure to Zimmerman (who also advocated liberal causes).

      I have no respect for Leatherman, and was so looking forward to the day that his followers (some of them) saw the B.S. he was feeding them. I’ve been banned from his site more times than I can count. 😉 Many of his followers can now see that he was an opportunist that tried to make blog money off of anti-Zimmerman sentiment. Look back in his blog and you can see him literally begging for donations literally every single post. A few times he said his power was going to be turned off unless his readers paid him money. He threatens to stop blogging if they don’t pay him. I have no respect for the person, the only mitigating aspect to him is I think he has a few screws loose.

      There were definitely no winners.

  2. Great articles and website.
    I absolutely LOATHE Leatherman and his over-the-top narcissism! It’s beyond pathetic how much he begs and pleads for money!! What a loser and a Grade A JERK. LOL!
    I still browse his site occasionally for chits and giggles. Looks like his nastier syncofants are still there and just as DISTURBED and DELUSIONAL as ever. The worst ones are Cielo (an aggressive and “out” lesbian) and Xena (whose BlackButterfly7 blog reads like a Black Panther testimonial). Xena is also a raging narcissist who thinks pretty highly of herself. She has been “outed” as a very troubled person who is addicted to filing nuisance lawsuits…..but I won’t use her real name here. Needless to say…..Fred is NOT PLEASED that only 5(!) people have made their (mandatory??lol) donation to him recently!! ROFL at his begging and pleading and even threatening to stop writing the blog. What a disgrace he is!

    • There is no better use for the word disgrace than as applied to Mr. Leatherbum. I can respect people on the left.. I’m on the left myself. Even the ones I don’t like I can still find respect for. Not him. He is just an outright hypocritical, intellectually-dishonest fraud and opportunist.

  3. OMG no sooner had I posted here than Leatherman devotes an entire “article” CHASTISING his readers because he and Crane are so very very super POOR and the ungrateful readers should send him money now!!! ROFLMAO! I hope everyone just drops him.

    • Yeah, he has no shame. He’s done a few of them since the trial ended. I’ve read some people say they aren’t going to come anymore. Pretty much the very diehards hanging onto him.

    • I love how he says without their donations he can’t “maintain this site”. No, Leatherman, you are threatening your readers that if they don’t pay you that you’ll stop posting anything. His dedication to Trayvon Martin was so heart-felt that he had to be paid to continue his “advocacy” for this worthy social cause. He is the type of liberal that makes me hate liberals.

    • Here’s a fascinating post on his latest entry. I love it.

      “Linda Andersen says:
      October 7, 2013 at 9:33 pm

      Professor, yes, George Zimmerman is a grifter and so is his family, especially his father, who collects both Military and Virginia State retirement checks and STILL begs for money.

      Please explain to me why you are any LESS of a grifter. I followed the trial religiously and truly appreciated your input. I just made another donation, but after a hemorrhagic stroke 3 years ago (I’m still paying off the hospital bills), funds are severely limited.

      I don’t mean to be contentious, but why are two people with multiple post-graduate degrees unable to get jobs sufficient to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table?

      I am sure that I’m not the only one here who has concerns.”

      • LMAO! I love it!
        Fred’s just a loser. Plain and simple. Utterly delusional.
        May all his little ankle-biters stick it to him where it really hurts—his wallet!

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