After the Trial

While I still believe that George Zimmerman acted in legitimate self-defense, I don’t approve of the person he has become after the trial.  Although some of the post-trial media coverage was/is just as unfair as pre-trial, the reality is that the guy really has turned into somebody who I personally don’t care for.

I think he has learned to pander to the only demographic that consistently supported him: an outlier faction of the conservative political realm (who were right to defend him).  He has a lot of anger towards those who unfairly persecuted (and prosecuted) him.  These things are perhaps understandable, but some of his other post-trial behavior is not.

He has done enormous damage to his own cause and credibility, but the truth of the matter remains that his case truly was a bona-fide false persecution (and prosecution), and that fact is far more relevant than his post-trial antics.


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