After the Trial

While I still believe that George Zimmerman acted in legitimate self-defense, I don’t approve of the person he has become after the trial.  Although some of the post-trial media coverage was/is just as unfair as pre-trial, the reality is that the guy really has turned into somebody who I personally don’t care for.

I think he has learned to pander to the only demographic that consistently supported him: an outlier faction of the conservative political realm (who were right to defend him).  He has a lot of anger towards those who unfairly persecuted (and prosecuted) him.  These things are perhaps understandable, but some of his other post-trial behavior is not.

He has done enormous damage to his own cause and credibility, but the truth of the matter remains that his case truly was a bona-fide false persecution (and prosecution), and that fact is far more relevant than his post-trial antics.


George Zimmerman wasn’t racial profiling.. This wasn’t about blacks or hoodies.

George Zimmerman mentioned a number of reasons he was suspicious- and every single one of them was based on behaviors (“it’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about”, “he’s on drugs or something”) or circumstances that were not racial (TM cut between two buildings, TM was walking in an area that had been burglarized, and GZ didn’t recognize TM).

In fact, if you listen to him answer the dispatcher’s question as to race, he isn’t completely sure whether Trayvon was even black or not.  Later in the call, when he sees Trayvon closer, he then confirms to the dispatcher that he was black.  

That this stuff has been completely ignored by the media (as well as GZ’s defense counsel) is unfortunate.  You don’t say “he’s on drugs or something” unless you think someone is acting oddly.  He obviously.. I repeat OBVIOUSLY.. thought Trayvon was acting oddly.

These are some of the reasons he obviously wasn’t racially profiling. I’ve already listed some of reasons it’s obvious he wasn’t racist.  

The reality is that the evidence demonstrates that there was NOT racial profiling going on. Everybody just ASSUMES that Zimmerman ASSUMED that Trayvon was up to no good because he was black or was wearing his hoodie.  Even some of his supporters make this assumption!  It is an assumption that is in contradiction to the easily verified evidence.  

It was NOT Trayvon Martin Screaming

At the time of the screams:

  • Zimmerman had significant injuries.  He’s the one with the probable broken nose, the lacerations, and the bloody head).
  • Martin is the one with no injuries except a cut on a finger.

Obviously, it was George Zimmerman screaming for help.    The idea that it was Trayvon, wailing for help!, while wailing on George Zimmerman is absurd.  “HEEELP!”  *PUNCH*  “HEEELP!”  *PUNCH*

“Zimmerman came at Trayvon gun-drawn, holding Trayvon at gun-point!  Trayvon was scared for his life!  He was only defending himself!”

That is the only semi-plausible theory available to Zimmerman’s persecutors(a).  However, it makes no sense.  

  • Dee-Dee’s description of the initial verbal exchange between Trayvon and Zimmerman, Trayvon says nothing about Zimmerman’s gun being drawn.  Trayvon would not have said “Why are you following me for?”, he would have said “OMG! Why do you have a gun out!?”
  • When W6 goes outside and tries to stop the altercation verbally, Trayvon does not say “Help me restrain him, he’s got a gun!”  In fact, Trayvon ignores W6.
  • Significant time elapsed from the beginning of the encounter to when the gun was fired.   Why did Zimmerman wait so long to squeeze the trigger?   By the way, struggles for guns don’t take that long.
  • If Zimmerman had a gun pointed at Trayvon Martin, a struggle for a gun is exactly what would have happened.  There was no struggle for a gun.  If someone has a gun in their hand the only way you defend yourself is try to get control of the gun.  There is absolutely no evidence consistent with a struggle for a gun:
    • Zimmerman didn’t have any wounds on his hands, arms, or wrists.   Martin’s DNA or fingerprints were not found on Zimmerman’s gun.
    • Eye-witnesses do not report a revealed gun, nor do they describe a struggle at all consistent with one.
    • If Zimmerman had a gun in his hand, why were all of Zimmerman’s injuries on his head?

Answer:  Trayvon Martin was obviously not defending himself from a drawn gun.  Trayvon Martin wasn’t defending himself at all.  He was beating up George Zimmerman as George Zimmerman screamed for help that never came.  Finally, George Zimmerman drew his gun and fired a single time.

George Zimmerman was obviously attackedobviously injured, and he was obviously the person screaming for help.  The very notion that it was Trayvon screaming is maddeningly ridiculous.


a.  The screams still sound more like someone being actively beaten up than someone being menaced with a gun.  

George Zimmerman was the opposite of a racist.

  1. George Zimmerman mentored black kids.
  2. George Zimmerman had many black friends on his Myspace account.
  3. George Zimmerman went into business with a black friend.
  4. George Zimmerman actively protested on behalf of a homeless black man.
  5. The FBI investigated George Zimmerman and found not a trace of prejudice towards blacks.  Nobody who actually knows Zimmerman labelled him a racist.
  6. George Zimmerman did volunteer work for a predominantly black congregation.
  7. George Zimmerman was a registered democrat that voted and encouraged others to vote for Obama (he’s black).  
  8. George Zimmerman went to prom with a black girl.
  9. George Zimmerman lived in a neighborhood where whites were a minority (i.e., lots of blacks).
  10. George Zimmerman’s wife’s best friend is black.
  11. Zimmerman invited a black neighbor to stay at his house as long as she needed after being rattled by a break in to her house.

Cites for items 1-7 are included.  Click on the underlined parts.  (8-11 recently added and don’t feel like tracking down citations (in part because 1-7 clearly establish he’s NOT a racist), but may do so in the future.

Repeat after me:

George Zimmerman is the opposite of a racist.   George Zimmerman likes, cares for, and affiliates with black people.  This isn’t speculation, this is proven, verifiable FACT.  Anyone who claims that George Zimmerman is a racist at this point is either genuinely ignorant or is outright lying.

George Zimmerman the racist is a ridiculous notion that has been utterly obliterated in the minds of any informed person with a trace of sense.

It’s almost comical how segments of the community can’t let go of the “racist” angle of what happened to this teenager.  I’m all for combating problems in the black community.  People that mentor black children and advocate on behalf of black homeless men?  Not the problem.

One excellent article I’ve read: