Zimmerman did not disregard the dispatcher’s advisement, and there was no “chase” or “pursuit” of any kind.

Zimmerman said “[Trayvon] ran”, as in vacating the vicinity.  It appeared that Trayvon was leaving the area, and so Zimmerman left his vehicle to both 1) see which way he went and 2) give a location as to where he was.  

Shortly after Zimmerman left his vehicle, the dispatcher asked him “Are you following him?”, to which Zimmerman replied, “Yeah.”  The dispatcher (believing that Zimmerman was possibly pursuing this person) told him “We don’t need you to do that.”  Zimmerman said, “OK”- a term of agreement and compliance.

In truth, Zimmerman had nothing to comply with, because Zimmerman had been “following” only in the sense that he was headed to a location the “suspect” had been (the “T”-intersection).  He was certainly not following with the intention of overtaking or capturing this suspicious person.  (That’s why he called the police.)


Trayvon wasn’t really leaving the area, and Zimmerman wasn’t really “following”.  How do we know?  Read below.  

The location of events

I didn’t make this graphic.  It is from the View from LL2 blog, and was used in a post to demonstrate Zimmerman’s guilt.   For our purposes, graphics 3, 4, and 5 are the only ones relevant.

[The top of red section #5 (where the final confrontation took place) should actually be extended up to the very top of the “T”.  (That is where Zimmerman’s key chain was found (which, if consistent with his narrative of events, is about where he said he was struck in the nose.)  Ear-witnesses also describe the encounter as beginning at the top of the “T” and moving down.  In short, the evidence indicates that the encounter began at the top of the “T”, in the middle of the blue area.

But let’s slant things in Trayvon’s favor.  Let’s say that Zimmerman’s key ring was planted at the top of the “T” (as some have suggested), the witnesses were inaccurate or lying (as some have suggested),  and that the entire encounter began and ended at the very bottom of the red area above.  And let’s also say that Zimmerman’s car was parked to the furthest left point in area 3. ]

By the way, Trayvon knew the area He’d been there before.  He’d gone to 7-11 before.  His female friend on the phone never mentioned a thing about him being lost.   In fact, she said that Trayvon said that he knew he was near his place.


At 2:11 into Zimmerman’s phone call, Zimmerman said “Shit, he’s running”.  Almost 2 minutes later the call ends.



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walking_speed (Emphasis added) (Look up citations yourself.):

The preferred walking speed is the speed at which humans or other animals choose to walk. In the absence of significant external factors, humans tend to walk at about 1.4 m/s (5.0 km/h; 3.1 mph).[1][2][3]

In an hour, a human being would walk 3.1 miles.

There are 5,280 feet in a mile so 3.1 (miles) x 5280 feet= 16,368 feet in an hour.  There are 60 minutes in an hour 16,368 feet per hour/60 minutes = 272.8 feet per minute.  Humans tend to walk at 272.8 feet per minute.(a)(b)  In two minutes, a human would walk 545 feet.


The distance between the westernmost location of Zimmerman’s car, east down the sidewalk, then south down the side walk, and then east inside of Brandy Green’s living room is 545 feet.

Trayvon could have calmly walked down the sidewalk all the way home by the time Zimmerman finished his phone call. 

Trayvon wasn’t running away from George Zimmerman.  He wasn’t even walking away from George Zimmerman.

How do we know this?  The altercation began at the top of the “T”.

Zimmerman Chasing

Now, let’s take Zimmerman “pursuing” Trayvon.  Let’s pretend that Zimmerman began his “pursuit” and he went East to the middle of the “T” and then headed south “after” Trayvon.  Let’s say he was doing this at walking speed as well.

Merely at walking speed, when he hung up the phone, Zimmerman would have been past Brandy Green’s house.  

George Zimmerman wasn’t pursuing Trayvon Martin.  He wasn’t even walking after him.  How do we know this?  The altercation began at the top of the “T”.

Bottom Line

Trayvon Martin not only wasn’t running home, he wasn’t even walking home.  George Zimmerman was not only not running after Trayvon Martin, he wasn’t even walking after him.  Even at walking speeds- none of that makes a damned bit of sense.  The faster you want to say that either of them were traveling, the more absurd the final location makes it be.

 A Big Picture Look

Let’s say that Trayvon cuts through, Zimmerman spots him, and has the non-emergency dispatcher on the phone before he’s even made it to the street.

Trayvon would be about 1300 feet away (rounding in Trayvon’s favor) from his home, by walking.

Zimmerman’s phone call lasted about 4 minutes (rounding in Trayvon’s favor).

In four minutes, walking speed, Trayvon would have traveled 1091 feet.

Past the spot where the encounter ended.

Bottom Line

The notion of a “high speed pursuit” (or even a walking speed pursuit) is a mind-boggling load of bulls*it.

The idea that Trayvon had been running so hard from Zimmerman that Trayvon was literally out of breath and he could run no more?


Repeat after me: Zimmerman was not chasing Trayvon.  Trayvon was not running away from Zimmerman.  Nobody who looks closely at the facts is going to buy that.  That concept is complete bullsh*t and the indisputable duration of the phone call and indisputable location of events proves that.  Period.  End of story.  Cut the bullsh*t.

An excellent article for more information: