George Zimmerman wasn’t racial profiling.. This wasn’t about blacks or hoodies.

George Zimmerman mentioned a number of reasons he was suspicious- and every single one of them was based on behaviors (“it’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about”, “he’s on drugs or something”) or circumstances that were not racial (TM cut between two buildings, TM was walking in an area that had been burglarized, and GZ didn’t recognize TM).

In fact, if you listen to him answer the dispatcher’s question as to race, he isn’t completely sure whether Trayvon was even black or not.  Later in the call, when he sees Trayvon closer, he then confirms to the dispatcher that he was black.  

That this stuff has been completely ignored by the media (as well as GZ’s defense counsel) is unfortunate.  You don’t say “he’s on drugs or something” unless you think someone is acting oddly.  He obviously.. I repeat OBVIOUSLY.. thought Trayvon was acting oddly.

These are some of the reasons he obviously wasn’t racially profiling. I’ve already listed some of reasons it’s obvious he wasn’t racist.  

The reality is that the evidence demonstrates that there was NOT racial profiling going on. Everybody just ASSUMES that Zimmerman ASSUMED that Trayvon was up to no good because he was black or was wearing his hoodie.  Even some of his supporters make this assumption!  It is an assumption that is in contradiction to the easily verified evidence.